Bigg Boss sends crew members inside house to get Afsana Khan out after eviction, she refuses to leave

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In the latest episode of Bigg Boss 15, Afsana Khan got evicted from the house after threatening to harm herself with a knife.

On Bigg Boss 15, contestant Afsana Khan was asked to leave the house. Afsana’s eviction comes after she picked up a knife and seemingly threatened to harm herself with it.

Afsana’s fight started with Rajiv Adatia during the task to get into the VIP race to the finale. She first threatens Rajiv that she would lift her shirt up if Rajiv came close to her. Jay Bhanushali and Pratik Sehajpal try to calm her down but she did not listen to anyone.


Afsana said that Shamita Shetty has turned Rajiv against her and called her (Shamita) fake and ‘mental’. Shamita said that Afsana has gone “mental” and has ‘lost the plot’. Afsana shouted at her, “Aap mujhe mental nahi bol sakti (You can’t call me mental).” Afsana threw a chair, water bottle and threatened to harm herself. She shouted, “Mein marr jaungi yahan aaj (I will die here today).” Then picked up a knife, which Umar Riaz tried to take away from her but she grabbed it again. 

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After the incident, Bigg Boss called Afsana inside the confession room and provided her with a doctor for her anxiety. He announced that Afsana has to leave the show for threatening to harm herself and others in the house. Afsana refused to leave the house. Bigg Boss sent crew members to bring her out. Afsana kept refusing to go out by saying, “Nahi mein nahi ja sakti yeh muh le ke apna. Mere ghar mein 10 log hain mein yahan unki bezzati karwane nahi aayi hun. Mein Shamita ke bhai (Rajiv) ko le ke jaungi” (I cannot go from here like this. I have 10 people at home, I cannot dishonour them like this. If I will go, I will take Rajiv also.) 

After the incident, Bigg Boss fans are now slamming Shamita for provoking Afsana. One Twitter user said, “Afsana Khan Was Instigated By Shamita, Vishal.” While another one wrote, “Actually this is true. Celebrities are given an upper hand. Shamita thinks they are in their own house with his brother Rajiv. I know Afsana has issues with his anger and panic things.”


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