Bigg Boss 16’s MC Stan went to girlfriend’s house with 40 people with marriage proposal, told her mom ‘bhaga le jaunga’

Bigg Boss 16’s MC Stan went to girlfriend’s house with 40 people with marriage proposal, told her mom ‘bhaga le jaunga’

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Bigg Boss 16 contestant MC Stan opened up about his girlfriend Buba in the latest episode. The rapper told Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chaudhary how he had visited his girlfriend’s house with around 40 people to ask for her hand in marriage. However, his mom turned him away and asked him to come with his parents or not come at all. Also read: Tina Datta witnesses Shalin Bhanot say ‘Tina khaas pasand nhi thi’, confronts him about it as she makes a re-entry

On Sunday’s episode, Shiv and Priyanka were lying together in the garden area. Priyanka asked MC Stan about his girlfriend and if he met her parents. He replied in his usual Hindi tone, “Gaye they na hum log rishta lekar…gangster log (jokes)…Hummer wamar sab line se lagaya sab… 30-40 log neeche ruke…log puche ‘kya hogya?’ Bole, ‘koi nahi wo rishta dalne aaye (We went to her house with several guys, several vehicles like Hummer etc were lined up in front of her house. 30-40 people waited below her house. Neighbours asked us about what’s going on. We just said, ‘nothing, we have just come with a marriage proposal).’”

MC Stan said that as he climbed stairs in a hoodie, people went on to make videos of him and the scene outside his girlfriend’s house. Sharing his conversation with her mom, he said, “Bola, ‘Tumhari beti ko bhaga ke leke jaunga, izzat mein de dalo haath, nahi kya.’ Her mom was like, ‘arey kaun hai ye? Mom dad ke leke aaona tum, aisa kya, kaun hai ye log. Aaj ke baad humare ghar pe nahi aana tum.’ Acha karne gaya tha galat hogya. (I told her mom to give her daughter’s hand in marriage with respect, else I will elope with her. She was like, ‘bring your mom and dad, who are these people, do not come ever again.’ I wanted to fix it and all went wrong).”

He added about how he behaved, “Itna rubab mereko, Itna haq jaise aurat hai meri. Uski ma boli – kaunsa haq hai ye, kidhar se laya isne aisa haq (I acted as if she was my wife. Her mom said, ‘who gave you this right)?’ He also revealed that its all sorted now and his mom also likes the girl.

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