Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot asks Tina Datta if she ever loved him, tells her ‘aapne sab kuch camera ke liye kiya’

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot asks Tina Datta if she ever loved him, tells her ‘aapne sab kuch camera ke liye kiya’

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Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta were seen confronting each other in the latest Bigg Boss 16 episode. A promo of their bitter exchange on the upcoming episode was shared by ColorsTV on Sunday. In the clip, Shalin asked Tina if she ‘ever loved him’, before accusing her of faking her emotions for the camera. In return, Tina accused him of projecting himself as a victim and making it appear as though she was after him. Also read: Salman Khan says Tina Datta finds only Shalin Bhanot ‘chipakne ke layak’, Shalin tells him ‘please don’t be harsh’

In the video, Shalin and Tina sat down for a one-on-one chat, where he asked her, “Did you ever love me?” To which, Tina said, “Yes, I did have feelings for you.” Not believing her, Shalin questioned Tina’s sincerity, and said, “Aapne sab kuch camera ke liye kiya hai (You have done all this for the camera).” Pointing at his face, Tina said in anger, “This is what you do.” Reacting to her comment, Shalin then said, “Ispe itna frustrate karogi toh koi bhi panic karega (If you get frustrated over this anyone can panic).”

Tina then told him, “Shalin agar tum portray karne ki koshish kar rahe ho ki maine tumko fasaya hai… mera image already barbaad ho chuka hai, mat rahiye mere saath (You are trying to portray that I am forcing you to stay with me. My image has already taken a beating, you don’t have to stay with me).” In between Shalin was heard telling her, “But you are the one, who was already talking about babies…”

Sharing the video, the channel wrote in the caption, “Tina ko karna hoga Shalin ke mushkil sawaalon ka saamna (Tina has to face some difficult questions from Shalin)…” Commenting on the post, a Bigg Boss fan wrote, “Waise joh bhi bolon TRP toh ye de rahe hain (Whatever you say, they are getting TRP for the channel).” Another comment read, “Pehle dono fake lag rahe the, aur ab Shalin zyada fake lag raha hai (Earlier both of them appeared to be fake, now Shalin looks more fake than Tina).”

During a recent weekend episode, actor-host Salman Khan had scolded Tina Datta and Shalin Bhanot and questioned their closeness during MC Stan’s new year concert. The two had almost shared a kiss as they danced together, despite fighting with each other only recently. Salman had reenacted Shalin and Tina’s cosy moments in front of other contestants, and said, “Baaki koi nahi tha dance karne ke laayak ya chipakna ke laayak (There was nobody in the house to dance with you or get so close with you)?” Shalin had then said to Salman, “Don’t be hard on her.” A furious Salman then told him, “What? No, no say it, say it.”

Bigg Boss 16 airs Monday to Friday at 10pm, and on Saturday and Sunday at 9pm on ColorsTV.

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