Bigg Boss 16: Here is why Abdu Rozik is out of the show

Bigg Boss 16: Here is why Abdu Rozik is out of the show

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Abdu Rozik is out of Bigg Boss 16 house and he has not been evicted, neither is he out of the game yet. In what appears to be a first in the history of Bigg Boss, Abdu has been allowed to step out of the house and come back to the show after completing shoot for another project. (Also read: Ranveer Singh admits he sweet talks, flatters wife Deepika Padukone with ‘I love you’ at times)

Bigg Boss summoned everyone to the living room and told them about Abdu’s exit. “As you know, we keep everything in this show very transparent. We have received a bizarre request from the management team of Abdu Rozik. They have told us that a renowned international company wants to create a game around Abdu and they need his live motion capturing. They call it a life-changing opportunity for Abdu.”

It was then announced that Bigg Boss allowed Abdu to step out of the Bigg Boss house and shoot for his project. He would also be allowed to return to the game after he completes his project. However, whether he will participate in the game as a contestant or a guest, will be decided by the contestants at that time.

Abdu’s friends Shiv Thakare, Sajid Khan, Nimrit Kaur Ahluwalia and MC Stan got emotional as they hugged him an bid a goodbye to him. Abdu hugged his close friend Sajid Khan. He hugged Shiv and said, “I will miss you brother.” Nimrit also extended a warm hug to Abdu. Sumbul Toqueer also wiped her tears post Abdu’s eviction. Everyone got emotional and sad.

Bigg Boss also assured all the contestants that if Abdu does anything other than completing this project, he won’t be allowed to return to the reality show. Colors have also closed the voting lines as there will be no eviction on the ocassion of Christmas.

On Saturday’s episode, Salman Khan scolded Sajid Khan for his writing ‘I love tatti’ on Abdu’s back earlier this week. Sajid also apologised to Abdu and his family and fans later.

Actors Ranveer Singh, Varun Sharma, Jacqueline Fernandez and filmmaker Rohit Shetty visited the show on Saturday’s as they promoted their upcoming film Cirkus.

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