Bigg Boss 16: Gauahar Khan asks ‘didi kaun hai’ after Shiv Thakare-Archana Gautam fight

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Gauahar Khan has commented on how Bigg Boss 16 contestant Archana Gautam fell to Shiv Thakare’s provoking words and went on to get evicted from the show. Gauahar didn’t object to her eviction but asked if it wasn’t wrong on Shiv’s part to bring a political leader’s name in order to tease her. Shiv had teased Archana saying, ‘didi’ while possibly referring to Congress leader Priyanka Gandhi. Archana had earlier contested legislative elections as a Congress candidate. Also read: Bigg Boss 16: Is Archana Gautam evicted for choking Shiv Thakare? Twitter says ‘bring her back’

Gauahar Khan took to Twitter late Thursday to ask if Shiv Thakare’s actions were justified. She tweeted, “Didi didi bolneka bassss ….. isn’t that a plan for provocation?” She further wrote, “Holding someone’s neck is bad! Very bad! And punishable! But can I please ask jaati, sampraday, sect, ke baare mein bolna galat hai, toh kisi national party ke respected leader ke naam ko baar baar uchaalna galat nahi hai ????? Didi didi kaun hai (If its wrong to say something against a caste, creed and religion, isn’t it wrong to bring in a respected leader’s name time and again? Who is didi?) #provoked.”

Gauahar also criticised Archana for getting violent and hinted that Bigg Boss has not always evicted contestants for resorting to violence in earlier seasons. She wrote, “Archana got physical, must be eliminated….. absolutely. Getting physical should not be allowed. Just wish it was followed in the last few seasons alike! #facts.”

Gauahar Khan tweeted about Bigg Boss 16 contestants Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare on Twitter.
Gauahar Khan tweeted about Bigg Boss 16 contestants Archana Gautam and Shiv Thakare on Twitter.

She added, “Raat se planning shuru thi. Safal hogaya Shiv! (the planning was on since night, Shiv achieved success). Archana gave him what he wanted in a silver platter. Silly girl. Fell for his extreme provocation and bullying.”

Making it clear that she wasn’t speaking in favour of Archana at all, Gauahar further added, “And btw, Archana did poke her nails in Shiv’s neck, it wasn’t just a push! Provocation is part of the game, it’s a test of your will power. Absolutely should’ve been eliminated. #bb16.”

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