Bigg Boss 16 fans call out ‘misogynist moron’ MC Stan for ‘chal chal’ comments on Priyanka Chaturvedi

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The latest episode of Bigg Boss 16 was all about drama when Bigg Boss punished MC Stan, Sumbul Touqeer Khan, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta for smoking inside the bathroom. Things took an ugly turn when MC Stan and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary engaged in an argument over his lighter. Priyanka passed a remark and told him ‘chal chal’ which wasn’t received well by the rapper. Now, the Internet feels MC Stan should be eliminated from the reality show. Also read: Gori Nagori gets eliminated from Bigg Boss 16: ‘When I got nominated this week, I somewhere felt…’

It all began when Priyanka told MC Stan to keep his lighter to himself. She refused to handover his lighter to anyone in the house and said, “Yeh raha lighter abh lekar dikha tu lighter. Mera saath nah zyaada faltu ki bakwas mat karna samjha nah, kabse bol rahi hoon ki uska lighter vaha pada hua hain lekar jaa paagal samjha hain kya.Chal chal mujhe mat bolna, arey chal chal.”(Here’s your lighter now. I dare you to take it from me. Don’t try to act smart and speak nonsense with me. I have been telling you that your lighter is in the room go take it. Now go, get out)”

To this, MC Stand replied, “Kisko bol rahe popat ko kya, tera beta hain kya ye lekar dikhao chapati bana rahi kya, cigarette peeti kya chee ladki cigarette peeti kya? Bigg Boss kya badtameezi dikha ri. Cigarette peena seekha ri. Gharwaalo ko hi bolti mummi mujhe lighter do cigarette peena sikhate kya aaj ki youth ko. Tera kya naukar hain kya aandar aake lo. Phod duga saare kighter. Kidhar chalu chal meko kya bol rahi terey Ankit ko bol aur leke jaa mein kya bomb hoon kya. Do do boyfriend chahiye kya tereko, meko kyun bolri chal meko mat bol mujhe nahi aana. Ek baas nahi hogaya kya ye dekh vapas boli chal, shaadi hoyegi bacha hoyega toh voh bhi irritate hoga har insaan hoga. Aur chal chal mat bol, meko nahi aana hai meri hain girlfriend bahar (Who are you even saying all this to? I am not your son, and you are not making chapatis for me. You smoke cigarettes. What kind of a girl is she? Smoking cigarettes. Bigg Boss this is rude. You are teaching people how to smoke cigarettes. You even tell your mom that you want cigarettes and teach the same to the youth. I am not your servant. Listen don’t say all this to me, tell Ankit. You want two boyfriends? It seems like one is not enough, you want one more. Even your child will be irritated with your voice. And next time don’t say ‘chal chal’ as I am not interested in going anywhere with you. I already have a girlfriend outside.)

Reacting to the scene, a fan wrote on Reddit, “Wth was that chal chal conversation mc was having. Do do bfs n all that bullsh*t! And nobody said anything on it! He is such a misogynist.” “Mc ko koi nikaalo yaar (please eliminate him)” added another one. Someone said, “This Misogynist moron needs to call out once more.”

Earlier, Gauahar Khan who won Bigg Boss 7, also tweeted about MC Stan and Priyanka’s fight. She shared, “Bacche kaise paida honge, gande chale karne ke liye bula rahi …… sooooooooooo low in language. Sad ! Even women ok with hearing this from a man about another woman ! Sad !”. “Mc stan ‘Chal’ in Bb means get lost! It doesn’t mean please come with me I want you!!! You know the difference also you are trying to high light that in a bad way! EXTREMELY wrong!! You cant talk to a woman like that! Period!!,” wrote Rajiv Adatia

Last weekend, participant Gori Nagori got eliminated from Bigg Boss 16. Archana Gautam made a comeback to the house after eviction.

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