Bigg Boss 16: Daljiet Kaur clarifies after posting wishes for ex-husband Shalin Bhanot, says ‘it is not a whitewash’

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Hours after she shared good wishes for her former husband, actor Shalin Bhanot who continues to fight it out for the winner’s trophy inside the Bigg Boss 16 house, Dalljiet Kaur has now clarified the post was not a “whitewash”. Dalljiet and Shalin had an ugly divorce in 2015. (Also read: Dalljiet Kaur wishes ex-husband Shalin Bhanot luck ahead of Bigg Boss 16 finale)

She wrote in a note that she shared on Instagram Stories Tuesday afternoon, “It is a simple wish for someone I have known. I know Bigg boss house can be extremely challenging. My “all the best” wish is not a whitewash on the past.”

She added, “It has been a crazy journey for me and my son but after years, I find myself sending a wish to him and I have no regret about it. Past will remain till the very end of my life and it will hurt every single time I’ll look back. But, I choose to look ahead in life. That’s why I chose to extend a wish for Shalin.”

A glimpse of Dalljiet's Instagram Stories posts.
A glimpse of Dalljiet’s Instagram Stories posts.

Earlier, she had posted a picture of herself and their son Shaarav and wrote late Monday, “Last few weeks for Bigg Boss to get over. Wish you all the best Shalin Bhanot. Be Patient, be calm and stay strong.”

The post came soon after Monday’s Bigg Boss 16 episode aired, in which Shalin had an emotional breakdown. With most contestants forming separate groups, isolating Shalin, he felt cornered. Things escalated when Tina Datta dragged Dalljiet’s name during a fight.

“Mere character pe ungli uthaa raha hai, khud ki biwi ki dignity nhi rakha, Shalin Bhanot gande aadmi (He is doing my character assassination, he could not maintained her ex-wife’s dignity properly, such a bad person),” Tina had told Shalin recently. Shalin was seen crying later.

Dalljiet and Shalin got married in 2009 and they were divorced in 2015. Shalin had told Hindustan Times in a 2016 interview that he would never badmouth Dalljiet in the press. “After the divorce happened, I was really scared and didn’t step out of the house for first 17 days. And the first time I went out, I had gone to the gym because I wanted to work out and feel fresh and I had all eyes on me, as people form perceptions,” he had said.

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