Ashish Kacholia portfolio stock gives 400% return in one year


Ashish Kacholia portfolio: Fondly called as ‘Big Whale’, ace investor Ashish Kacholia’s stock portfolio contains a good number of multibagger stocks. However, some of his stocks have turned some of his stocks have delivered staggering return in last one year. Yasho Industries shares are one of those stocks. In fact it is not just a multibagger, it’s a four bagger stock that has delivered near 400 per cent return to its shareholders in last one year.

Yasho Industries share price history

In last one month, this multibagger stock has remained under the selloff heat. In this period, Yasho Industries share price has slipped from 1906 to 1793, logging around 6 per cent dip in this period. In year-to-date (YTD) time, this Ashish Kacholia portfolio stock has risen from around 1175 to 1793 apiece levels, logging around 50 per cent rise in 2022. In last 6 months, this four bagger stock has shot up from 1340 to 1793, ascending around 35 per cent. Similarly, in last one year, this Ashish Kacholia share has appreciated from near 365 to 1793 levels, logging around 400 per cent rise in this time.

Ashish Kacholia shareholding in Yasho Industries

As per Yasho Industries shareholding for January to March 2022, Ashish Kacholia holds 2,91,231 company shares, which is 2.55 per cent of total paid-up capital of the company. In October to December 2021 quarter, Big Whale was holding 2,69,431 company shares or 2.36 per cent stake in the company. So, Ashish Kacholia raised his shareholding in the company during Q4FY22, buying 21,800 shares or 0.19 per cent stake in the company.

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