As Sumbul Touqeer’s dad calls Tina Datta ‘kamini’, Kushal Tandon and Kashmera Shah defend her: ‘Vo bhi kisi ki beti hai’

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Many have raised objections against the rude comments by Sumbul Touqeer’s father against Tina Datta, on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 16. Sumbul’s father told her to break all connection with Shalin Bhanot and Tina and show them their ‘aukaat’. He even called Tina and Shalin ‘kamine log’. (Also read: Sumbul Touqeer Khan is not obsessed with Shalin Bhanot, sees him as ‘father figure’, says her dad)

Bigg Boss got Sumbul to talk to her father on the phone in the confession room. Her father asked her about what’s happening with everyone saying how she has become obsessed with Shalin Bhanot. Sumbul said she doesn’t know what’s happening. “Maloom hai log kitni gaaliyan derahe hai mujhe ki apni beti ka tamasha bana dia (Do you know how people are calling me names, telling me that I have made a spectacle of my daughter),” he told her and added that she should kick Tina in her face. He also called Tina and Shalin ‘kaminey log’ who are bent on assassinating Sumbul’s character. He also said that she should make them their biggest enemies and show them their ‘aukaat’ on national TV.

Now, former Bigg Boss contestant Kushal Tandon has reacted to the call. “Why sumbul is only contestant who’s dad was allowed to come on stage to talk about how she is going ….. how she is the only contestant who’s dad gives her a call and can talk over phone,” he asked in a tweet. He added, “And how dare her dad is allowed to have a phone call now … and how can he speak Ill of other contestants … vo bhi kiski ki Beti hain (she is also someone’s daughter) her dad is saying tina is Kamini… stay out of her wow.”

“And best part all is getting on air , and showing to public what are they projecting? bhai dal main kuch kallaaa nahi , puri dall heee kaliiii hain , hahhaaa big boos mahan hain (There is something weird cooking),” he added in another tweet.

Actor Kashmera Shah also tweeted, “My daughter #sumbul is good but someone else’s daughter #TinaDutta is not. This involvement of family does not make sense as it goes against every essence of the show. The fact that you are isolated without any outside information is the beauty of the show.”

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