Archana Puran Singh says TV content has regressed since the 80s: ‘The woman is always crying, sacrificing her needs’

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Archana Puran Singh has said that the content on Indian TV has regressed since the 80s. The actor, who is currently seen as a special guest on The Kapil Sharma Show, has starred in a number of TV soaps including Doordarshan shows Shrimaan Shrimati and Mr ya Mrs. She says that the way they presented women in those times was far better than how women are portrayed as in the recent TV soaps. Also Read| Kapil Sharma says Archana Puran Singh ‘has a role’ in making him a star: ‘She used to appreciate me so much’

Archana added that there is a need for a change in the way that women are characterised in TV shows, especially since it is a woman-centric medium.

Archana told Times of India, “TV shows are just getting regressive everyday. When I did a show Mr Ya Mrs in the late 80s, women were shown to step out, work and earn for the family and the husband had a role of looking after house jobs. I am not saying that it should be a practice but it was a progressive show, which talked about role reversals. Can we show anything close to that now?”

The actor added that women appear to be weak in today’s TV soaps. She said, “Currently, TV shows portray how the woman is always crying, touching people’s feet, and always sacrificing her needs and wants before others. It is a woman-centric medium and shows revolve around women but they are playing characters, which are not progressive. We need a big change in the content and the way women are portrayed on television.”

Archana has portrayed a variety of roles in her career that spans over four decades. She appeared in films like Jalwa (1987), Agneepath (1990), Saudagar (1991), Shola aur Shabnam (1992), Aashiq Awara (1993), and Raja Hindustani (1996). One of her most memorable roles was as portrayed Miss Braganza in the film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai, and


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