Archana Gautam realises her ‘fantasy’ with Sreejita De’s fiance: Speaking to a foreigner

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In the latest Bigg Boss 16 episode, contestant Archana Gautam shared her fantasy in the house after meeting Sreejita De’s fiancé, Michael Blohm-Pape. Sreejita’s fiancé marked his presence in the house during the family special week. In the recent episodes, MC Stan, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot’ mothers, among others, entered the Bigg Boss house. Archana could not contain her excitement and shared that it was her fantasy to talk to a foreigner. This statement left Michael in splits. She also taught her ‘takiya kalam’ (catch phrase) to Sreejita’s fiance. Many fans reacted to the promo shared by ColorsTV. (Also read: Tina Datta tells her mom to remain calm in front of Shalin Bhanot’s mother on Bigg Boss 16: ‘Koi tamasha nahi chahiye’)

ColorsTv shared the promo on their social media handles with the caption, “Sreejita ke fiancé ne Bigg Boss ke ghar mein seekhi hindi (Sreejita’s fiance learned hindi in Bigg Boss house).”

The promo opened with Sreejita De’s fiancé Michael entering the Bigg Boss house. He gave a warm hug to Sreejita. Then, Archana sat with Sreejita’s fiancé in the garden area, and said, “Meri fantasy pata hai kya thi, ek baar foreigner se baat karun (You know what, my fantasy was to talk to a foreigner).” After hearing this, Michael said, “Seriously?” and started laughing. This made other housemates to laugh too.

Moments later, she taught Michael her famous catch phrase: ‘Maarte maarte more bana dungi.’ She looked at him and said, “Maarte maarte mor bana dunga. (I will slap you). He tried to imitate her and said, “Mor bana dunga.” He tried to speak this line again by looking at Sreejita, “Maarte maarte mor bana dunga.” In the end, Archana can be heard saying to Sreejita, “Terko ghar jaakr banayega mor, ruk (He will beat you black and blue after going back home).” Archana hid her face and laughed.

Reacting to the clip, one person commented, “Archana is so entertaining (laughing emojis).” Another person wrote, “If Archana ghar na ho toh ye show flop hai..(If Archana is not here, then the show is flop). You hate her or love her but you cannot ignore her.” Other person wrote, “This week goes to Archana Gautam, entertainment.” “Archana rock, Sreejita De show”, wrote one.

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