Apple’s new patent suggests futuristic Foldable Glass Panel iMac Concept: Report

Apple’s new patent suggests futuristic Foldable Glass Panel iMac Concept: Report

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Apple has reportedly patented a foldable iMac concept with a glass panel that folds at the bottom, offering space-saving benefits and adjustable screen angles. While it looks futuristic, it is uncertain if this concept will become a reality anytime soon.

A recent patent, as noted by Patently Apple, introduces a design that does not rely on a folding display but instead incorporates a folding glass panel at the base, resulting in an exceptionally stylish all-in-one desktop solution, reported iMore.

While folding laptops and phones with foldable screens have become familiar, the concept of folding desktops is relatively uncharted territory.

As per the report from the media publication, Apple’s latest patent reveals their unique approach to this, departing from the traditional hinge design. Instead of folding the screen itself, the entire front surface of the device will consist of a foldable glass panel at the base, creating an elegant desktop appearance. To access the keyboard and trackpad, users can slide them out from behind the device, which is supported by a rear stand, and place them on the unfolded portion of the front panel.

The report further highlights that the design appears sleek, and the patent specifies various functionalities for the folding section of the screen. Firstly, when folded, it is said to occupy less desk space, resulting in a smaller footprint.

Additionally, it can be employed to adjust the screen’s angle, facilitating optimal positioning of the iMac. Furthermore, it could enhance portability within a household or office environment, as per the report.

Apple’s iPhone 16 series is also already generating buzz, with rumors suggesting the existence of an iPhone 15 Ultra. While the iPhone 15’s Vision Pro features might not materialize, leaks hint at 3D capturing for future iPhone Ultra models, enhancing the user experience.

Meanwhile, according to a leak on Weibo, as reported by MacRumors, it is possible that upcoming iPhone Ultra models could incorporate Vision Pro’s 3D capture technology, referred to as spatial photos and videos. If this integration takes place, it could provide users with an immersive experience by enabling the capture and display of 3D content on the Apple Vision Pro.

As per a BGR report, Apple had initial plans to introduce spatial photos and videos to the iPhone 15 Pro models even before the launch of Vision Pro in 2024. However, the latest information suggests that this feature will debut in the headset first and subsequently be incorporated into iPhones. The introduction of 3D imagery has the potential to revolutionize the user experience, offering enhanced viewing and capturing capabilities.

It is worth noting that users will still have the option to project standard images within the headset. MacRumors has noted that the Vision Pro’s design is heavily centered around this feature, to the extent that the device includes a dedicated mechanical button for added convenience.


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Updated: 05 Sep 2023, 01:14 PM IST

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