Apple starts manufacturing iPhone 11 in India

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Apple’s contract producing partner Foxconn has begun to assemble the current generation of iPhone units — the iPhone 11 lineup — in its plant near southern city of Chennai, Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal tweeted on Friday

A small batch of domestically factory-made iPhone 11 units has already shipped to retail stores, however the assembly yield is presently restricted, the person same, requesting obscurity as matters are non-public. Apple, in general, has ambitions to rescale its native production efforts in Bharat, the person same.

The native production of the current iPhone 11 models illustrates Apple’s additional commitment to Bharat, the world’s second-largest smartphone market because it explores ways that to chop its reliance on China, which produces the overwhelming majority of iPhone models nowadays.

Apple’s contract manufacturing partner Taiwan-based Wistron first began assembling older iPhone models in 2017. But until now, Apple has not been able to have an assembly partner produce the current generation iPhone model in India.

Wistron, which has locally assembled older iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, and iPhone 7 models in the past in its Bangalore plant, currently assembles iPhone XR units in India. Apple discontinued the local production of iPhone SE and iPhone 6s last year.

Piyush Goyal, India’s Minister of Commerce and Industry, tweeted on Friday that Apple had begun assembling iPhone 11 models in India. Apple did not comment on this story.

News outlet The Information reported in March that some of Apple’s other contract manufacturers have attempted to enter — or expand in — India, but have run into regulatory and local laws issues. Pegatron, another assembly partner of Apple, plans to set up a local subsidiary in India and begin operations in the country, according to Bloomberg.

Foxconn, which counts India as one of its biggest markets, plans to invest $1 billion in its operations in the country, Reuters reported earlier this month. New Delhi announced a $6.6 billion plan to attract top smartphone manufacturers in June this year.

Apple plans to launch its online store in India in a few months and opens its first brick-and-mortar retail store next year, chief executive Tim Cook announced earlier this year. The online store’s launch in India remains on track despite the pandemic.

The iPhone-maker currently commands roughly 1% of the smartphone market in India, but is among firms that dominate the premium handset segment (phones priced at $400 or above). Apple has also been the least impacted smartphone maker in the country amid the coronavirus pandemic.