Apple patents ‘Matte Black’ finish technology for iPhones, iPads: Report

Apple patents ‘Matte Black’ finish technology for iPhones, iPads: Report

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Apple has been reportedly granted a patent for creating a matte black finish on anodized surfaces, suggesting the possibility of future matte black iPhones, smartwatches, tablets, and laptops.

Interestingly, the patent details a unique method involving light-absorbing features and infused color particles. Apple aims for a true black color rather than dark grey or blue. While not guaranteed to become products, it showcases Apple’s creative exploration of design possibilities, suggested the report.

The California based tech giant has recently received a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for a technology called “Anodised part having a matte black appearance,” as initially reported by PatentlyApple.

This patent, with the number 11751349-B2, was originally filed in May 2020 and lists James Curran, Aaron Paterson, and Sonja Postak as the inventors. The technology involves applying an anodized layer to a metal substrate, which is etched to create light-absorbing properties, resulting in a matte black finish.

“The anodized layer includes (i) an external surface that includes randomly distributed light-absorbing features that are capable of absorbing visible light incident upon the external surface, and (ii) pores defined by pore walls, where color particles are infused within the pores. The anodized layer is characterized as having a color having an L* value using a CIE L*a*b* color space that is less than 10,” the patent states.

Moroever, the patent outlines various device concepts that Apple may offer in a matte black color option, including a smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, and laptop. While Apple has previously released a matte black iPhone and a black MacBook, the patent suggests that a matte black smartwatch and iPad could be novel additions to their product lineup.

Notably, Apple appears to be aiming for a true black color rather than the usual dark grey or blue seen in some of their dark-colored products. It will be intriguing to witness the potential introduction of these matte black devices in the coming years.




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Updated: 07 Sep 2023, 02:28 PM IST

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