Anusha Dandekar reveals ‘direct reason’ for her break-up with Karan Kundrra: ‘We deserve more honesty’

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Anusha Dandekar, during an Ask Me Anything session on Instagram, was asked to give a ‘direct reason’ for her break-up. In the past, she has suggested that her ex-boyfriend Karan Kundrra cheated on her and lied to her, an allegation that he has denied.

“Please, just want to know the direct reason for your break-up if you can tell it?!” one fan asked Anusha, to which she replied, “We deserve more honesty, love and happiness…and it starts with self-love. So, I chose me. That’s it.”

Karan and Anusha were together for three-and-a-half years before they broke up last year. From 2016-2019, they co-hosted the reality show MTV Love School, in which they helped couples overcome their differences.

Anusha Dandekar talked about her break-up with Karan Kundrra on Instagram Stories.
Anusha Dandekar talked about her break-up with Karan Kundrra on Instagram Stories.

Last year, in a note shared on Instagram, Anusha suggested that while she was dating Karan, she ‘lost’ herself and some of her self-respect. She also hinted that he was unfaithful to her.

“So here it is, before the year ends… Yes I did a show called Love School, yes I was your Love Professor, yes everything I shared and the advice I gave has always been real and from my heart… Yes I love hard, so hard… Yes I don’t leave till there is nothing left for me to try and fight for, yes even I’m human, yes even I lost myself and some of my self respect, yes I’ve been cheated and lied to… Yes I waited for an apology, which never came, yes I learnt I actually had to apologise and forgive myself… And yes I grew, have grown and will continue to grow from all of it and look at the positive,” she had written in her post.

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Karan, in an interview with a leading daily in April, laughed off allegations of cheating on Anusha but refused to share details of what went wrong ‘out of respect for the relationship’. He also claimed that he has not yet ‘recovered’ from their break-up.

Anusha is currently seen on Supermodel of the Year 2, which airs on MTV. Karan, meanwhile, will soon be seen as a contestant on Bigg Boss 15.

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