Anupamaa written update September 8: Anuj feels uneasy without Anupamaa as she visits Shah family

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In the latest episode of Anupamaa, only love and joy prevails as Kinjal returns to the Shah house with her baby. Everyone welcomes them with excitement while Kinjal’s mom Rakhi Dave continues to express her disgust towards Toshu and leaves everyone concerned. Elsewhere, Anuj feels distressed seeing Anupamaa enjoying without him. Keep reading this article to find out more. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Anupama and Shah finally welcome Kinjal’s daughter

Kinjal’s welcome

The Shah family welcomes Kinjal and her baby back home. Toshu looks anxious after Rakhi Dave reveals his truth and warns him. Anupamaa begins the rituals to ward off the bad omen and bring prosperity and peace to the baby’s life.

While everyone expresses their desire to play with the baby, Leela continues to push little Anu away from the baby. Anupamaa feels worried but doesn’t say anything for Kinjal’s sake. They move ahead to further rituals. Anupamaa requests Rakhi Dave to perform the next ritual and give the baby to Toshu. Rakhi stands angry as she doesn’t want the baby to be anywhere close to Toshu after what he did in Rajkot. Anupamaa notices her discomfort. She asks if everything is alright, Rakhi hides her disgust and takes the baby towards Toshu. However, instead of giving the baby to Toshu, she passes her to Kinjal. Keep reading this article to find out if Toshu’s reality finally comes out to everyone or not.

Anuj feels uneasy

When Rakhi doesn’t give the baby to Toshu, Leela comments on her being so distracted that she can’t even recognize Toshu. To this, Rakhi gives a sassy reply. She says that she recognises who Toshu is a little too well and hence, she doesn’t want to give the baby to him. Anupamaa again feels dubious of her intentions. Rakhi Dave finally reasserts her decision that she would be taking Kinjal and the baby back to her home now. This leaves everyone in shock and the entire family starts convincing her to let Kinjal and the baby settle in the Shah house first. Rakhi remains adamant about her wishes but finally gives in at Anupamaa’s request. She gives the baby to Toshu for the rituals. Anuj calls Samar to attend the function virtually. He feels jealous when he sees Anupamaa and little Anu enjoying the celebration with the baby and Vanraj is sitting next to them. He gets anxious as he can’t attend the event himself. Barkha and Ankush notice his uneasiness and offer help. He snaps at them and asks GK to send them back.

In the next episode of Anupamaa, the story takes a dramatic turn as Anupamaa finds out the truth about Toshu’s affair. She feels worried for Kinjal and faces a conundrum about telling her the reality or not. Keep reading the upcoming written updates on HT highlights to know all about the latest updates.

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