Anupamaa written update September 14: Rakhi convinces Anupamaa to keep Toshu’s affair a secret from the family

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The latest episode of Anupamaa is full of drama and tension as Rakhi and Anupamaa argue over whether they should tell Kinjal about Toshu’s affair or not. Toshu interacts with the family members as if nothing happened while Anupamaa is too shattered to attend any ceremony. Keep reading this article for the full story. Also read: Anupamaa recap: Anupamaa in shock as Toshu admits to cheating on pregnant wife

Rakhi confronts Anupamaa

After Toshu shamelessly accepted all his misdeeds, Kinjal’s mom Rakhi Dave comes to Anupamaa to confront her over the matter. Amid this, Toshu joins the celebration and pretends as if nothing happened, but Anupamaa is completely broken by his words. Rakhi apologises to Anupamaa for not telling her about Toshu earlier. She defends her decision by using Kinjal’s baby as an excuse. Anupamaa worries about telling the truth to Kinjal.

Rakhi stops her but Anupamaa is shocked to know that Rakhi doesn’t want her daughter Kinjal to know Toshu’s reality. Rakhi explains to Anupamaa that if Kinjal and Toshu part their ways at this time, Kinjal and her baby will suffer the most. Additionally, Kinjal is not as strong as Anupamaa and she will not be able to handle the truth. Anupamaa tries to argue but Rakhi forces her to promise that she will not tell anyone anything. Keep reading to find out what step Anupamaa takes next amid this dilemma.

Shahs continue with the function

Meanwhile, the Shahs and Kapadias are playing games and celebrating Kinjal’s daughter Arya’s first function together. Barkha starts guessing that something has happened between Anupamaa, Toshu, and Rakhi. Ankush suggests that they should take advantage of anything that transpires in this family. Barkha starts plotting her next evil move. Find out more in the upcoming updates.

Meanwhile, Anupamaa finds it difficult to keep Toshu’s affair a secret. She gets flashbacks of her most painstaking memories with Vanraj and his affair. Her own trauma makes her more and more furious at Toshu for repeating his father’s actions. Rakhi joins the celebration again smiling and hiding all worries, but Anupamaa is still not ready to face the family. She sees Kinjal enjoying the function with her baby and Toshu. She recalls everything that Toshu said and breaks down. Will she be able to keep her promise to Rakhi? What will happen when Kinjal herself finds out the truth or will she ever?

The upcoming episodes of Anupamaa are going to be more dramatic as Toshu blatantly makes Kinjal promise to never doubt him of anything. Anupamaa will lose her calm and end up exposing him in front of everyone. Keep reading HT highlights for more updates.

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