Anupamaa written update Sept 10: Anuj apologises to Anupamaa after snapping at her, defends her in front of Leela

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The latest episode of Anupamaa is going to be a joyous occasion for both the Shah and the Kapadia families. Both families come together to celebrate Kinjal and her baby’s first function. Anupamaa struggles between her responsibilities as Anuj’s wife and the baby’s grandmother. Keep reading to know more about the latest update. Also Read| Anupamaa recap: Anuj snaps at Anupamaa for making him feel helpless

The Shahs prepare for the ceremony

After Kinjal comes back from the hospital with the baby, Shahs and the Kapadias are in a cheerful mood. Anupamaa is working hard at her home to finish all her chores urgently, so she can leave and attend the baby’s ‘namkaran’ ceremony on time. Meanwhile, the Shahs are busy preparing for the ceremony.

Toshu seems tired and sleep-deprived because of the baby’s crying, but no one knows that his real issue is that Rakhi knows about his infidelity. Samar and Pakhi are busy decorating for the function while Leela makes a comment about Anupamaa being late for the function. Back at the Kapadia house, Anupamaa continues with her work when Anuj comes to apologise for snapping at her previously. They make up for their preceding fight and prepare to welcome the baby together. Keep reading HT highlights to find out how Anupamaa will continue to fulfill all her responsibilities despite all odds.

Anupamaa arrives at the ceremony

Leela continues to pass snide remarks on Anupamaa’s carelessness for being so late at the function. Anupamaa arrives right then with Anuj and the entire family. Anuj defends Anupamaa, shutting Leela down. Vanraj comes to welcome Anuj and helps him hold the baby. Anupamaa and Vanraj rejoice in seeing Anuj holding the baby on his own. Rakhi Dave also arrives and seems noticeably angry at Toshu.

Barkha notices Rakhi’s discomfort and tries to find out the truth. Rakhi taunts her for prying despite being dejected by her own family. Barkha then tries to manipulate little Anu against her mother after Anupamaa prevents her from playing with the baby. Anuj notices Barkha’s tactics and comforts little Anu. Anupamaa later makes amendments and brings Anu to play with the baby under her supervision. Finally, the ‘Namkaran’ ceremony begins and everyone brings out their list of suggestions for the names. It remains to be seen if Toshu’s truth comes out before the ceremony or if Rakhi continues to keep it a secret.

In the next episode, while the family continues celebrating the baby’s function, Anupamaa receives a disturbing message on Toshu’s phone. What happens next is what we have been waiting for all this while. Anupamaa finds out about Toshu’s affair and she is not ready to forgive him so easily. Stay tuned to the upcoming written updates on HT highlights for more details.

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