Anupamaa written update July 1: Anupamaa loses her patience with Leela and Rakhi, Anuj comes to rescue

Anupamaa written update July 1: Anupamaa loses her patience with Leela and Rakhi, Anuj comes to rescue

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Anupamaa written update July 1: Anupamaa will be seen losing her calm after Rakhi and Leela start misbehaving during the baby shower ceremony.

The latest episode of Anupamaa comes with tons of drama and entertainment as Rakhi Dave and Leela’s nominal arguments lead to an intense fight. Anupamaa will try to calm them down but to no avail. Read the full article to find out how Kinjal’s baby shower turns into a battleground among the three families. Also Read: Anupamaa written update June 30: Kinjal’s baby shower begins but Rakhi creates a scene

Leela and Rakhi’s fight

As the baby shower ceremony starts, Anupamaa gives Rakhi the first chance to perform the ritual. Even as she gets done with the rituals before anyone else, she continues to embarrass the Shah family. Leela loses her calm and starts passing snide remarks at her. Of course, she reciprocates with the same intensity and this ping pong game of taunts soon turns disturbing. Anupamaa tries to calm them down but she also loses her patience pretty soon and bursts out at the two of them. She makes them realize how the day is so important for Kinjal and her baby and they should keep their petty indifferences separate from the celebration. Soon, they both realize their mistake and try to let go of their anger and differences. Anuj also helps Anupamaa to bring the party back to normal and the rituals resume.

Baby shower rituals and Barkha’s expensive gift

After the fight, the rituals continue as usual. One by one, everyone joins in to give the baby and Kinjal their best wishes. Barkha also wishes Kinjal well and gives her an expensive present which Kinjal tries to refuse. Instead of letting it pass as her blessing, she tries to embarrass Leela by showing off her wealth and prosperity. Leela feels agitated and even though she lets it go for Kinjal, Barkha’s words will have repercussions on Anupamaa’s life later.

Anupamaa asks Pakhi, Samar, Adhik, and Sara also to join in. Samar performs the important rituals of brother-in-law. Anuj and Anupamaa perform the rituals on behalf of Vanraj and Kavya. While Barkha and Rakhi try to complicate things by commenting on the complex relationships in the family, Anuj and Anupamaa shut them up with their love and respect for their family. Leela also thanks them for valuing Vanraj and performing the ritual for him. Anuj tries to steal some moments of romance with Anupamaa, but Anupamaa gets nervous. Rakhi Dave also approaches Barkha separately and it does not look good. This talk and this relationship between Barkha and Rakhi will bring new twists and turns in Anupamaa’s life and it’s not looking good. Keep reading to know more.

In the upcoming episode, we will see the real tension getting started as Rakhi Dave talks with Barkha and tries to poison her against Anupamaa. Read HT highlights for more updates.

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