Angelina Jolie arrives in Ukraine, plays with kids and meets refugees; Ronit Roy calls her a ‘rare’ star

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A video of Angelina Jolie casually ordering coffee at a shop in Ukraine’s Lviv has gone viral. The Hollywood star arrived in the war-ravaged country to meet refugees and give her thanks to those working tirelessly for them. (Also read: Eternals movie review: Hey, at least it’s not as bad as Black Widow)

In the said video, Angelina is seen in a grey sweater and pants, carrying a bag and accompanied by a lone bodyguard. As she orders her coffee, a child is seen immersed in their phone, unaware that Angelina has just walked in. She even waved to the person filming her on their cell phone.

Later, Angelina visited the Lviv city centre where she met a bunch of children and their parents. She clicked photos with the kids and a video also showed her playing with a child. The toddler, perched on their father’s shoulders, teased Angelina with a bar of chocolate as they both shared a laugh. She visited injured children evacuated from Donetsk Oblast and orphans.

Angelina also paid a visit to the cooks at a shelter. She also visited the central railway station in Lviv to welcome the internally displaced Ukrainians arriving on an evacuation train from Pokrovsk, a city in Donetsk Oblast, on April 30, reported The Kyiv Independent.

Angelina’s fans around the world were impressed by her bravery and kindness. Reposting a video of Angelina from the coffee shot, actor Ronit Roy wrote, “That’s a chilled out star! Very hard to find so Always nice to see one.” Spanish chef José Andrés wrote in a tweet, “Thank you Angelina Jolie for coming to Ukraine and visiting some of the incredible WCK chefs who cook every single day! We cannot forget the people of Ukraine… The world must keep doing everything we can to help! Hope you enjoyed the bograch soup!” Another tweet read, “Happy to see Angelina Jolie visiting #Lviv railway station to support kids evacuated from #Donbas.” On Angelina’s video with the toddler, a fan commented, “Protect Angelina Jolie at all costs, I repeat, protect Angelina at ALL COSTS.”

A few even called it a PR photo-op and asked ‘where was she’ when Syria and Yemen were going through humanitarian crises as well. Her fans reminded them that Angelina is a special envoy for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and has previously visited Cambodia, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Sudan, and Yemen.

Angelina was last seen in Marvel’s Eternals as Athena.

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