Anchal Sahu: I have no qualms about starting so early in life

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Actor Anchal Sahu believes that starting young has helped her rather than make her feel that she has missed out on her childhood.

“I’m 17 and have been into daily soaps for two years now. I did my first commercial when I was just six and since then I have been balancing both work and studies. Many ask me whether in the process I missed out on life as a kid. But actually, I haven’t. In fact, I have no qualms about starting so early. It has prepared me for the life ahead. And not even for a second have I felt out of place. I love being on the sets, facing the camera and becoming totally another being,” says the Kyun Utthe Dil Chhod Aaye and Barrister Babu actor.

Sahu asserts that as time is on her side other media can wait. “I have plenty of time on my side. Whatever I have in my hand at present that should be my priority, the rest will follow. Though I would love to try for OTT and films but at the same time I feel ‘kaam aapko khud hi dhund leta hai’. The way life has led me up till now, it will be so in future too.”

Talking about her week-long vacation in UP-Uttarakhand, Sahu says, “It was a much required break. Holidaying with my family was long-awaited on my list and in 2023 it eventually happened. I am back on the sets of my ongoing show, Parineeti, all charged up and rejuvenated for a year of hard work ahead.”

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