Amazon and Flipkart Sale This Week, Important Things Before Buying

Amazon and Flipkart Sale This Week, Important Things Before Buying

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The big sale of Amazon and Flipkart will start later this week. Both e-commerce giants have announced their first major sale of the year, and they will begin on 6 August. Amazon Prime Day 2020 and Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale will bring many big deals on popular mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and other electronic products. While both Amazon and Flipkart are promoting their online sale vigorously, here you also need to prepare yourself well to take advantage of deals. For this, you need to do a little planning, whose tips we are going to give you here.

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Hundreds of popular smartphones, laptops, wearables, and other products are to be sold during Amazon Prime Day 2020 and Flipkart Big Saving Days Sale this week. But it is equally important to follow some basic rules so that you do not waste money on Faltu deals, especially when you are buying expensive electronic items.

Shop only through official websites and apps

This point is the most important. Although most people know about this, but still some people fall into the trap of scammers. When you shop online during the Prime Day 2020 and Big Saving Days sale this week, make sure that you do this only through the official website or mobile app.

Remember that Amazon and Flipkart never give you information about deals through WhatsApp and other messaging apps. These are usually scams, which aim to steal your credit card information.

Choose the right seller

Amazon and Flipkart are online markets where more than one retailer sells the same product. While most products are sold by Amazon and Flipkart themselves, some items are also sold by third-party sellers. In this case, you should check the seller and its ratings before purchasing. Also avoid as many sailors as possible, which are brand new.

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Check if the product is new or old

If you come across a product that is listed with a big discount, confirm whether it is new or old. Its information is given in the listing. Both e-commerce sites explicitly label all refurbished products.

There are cases when some people buy older models of certain products during online sales, simply because the discount was too good.

How to contact Amazon and Flipkart in case of a mess
No matter how careful you are, sometimes there is a mess. If you have any kind of problem this week, then you should know how to access the company’s customer service.

In the case of Amazon, the company always gives customers the option to reach them through its website. Click Customer Service on the top menu, select Customer Service on the next page and choose Contact Us. Choose the product you have problems with. Here you will get the option to chat online. Apart from this, you can also leave email.

In the case of Flipkart, you can simply contact them on their Twitter handle. Flipkart also provides support options on its website.

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