All my time is for my daughter, says Rakshanda Khan

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Actor Rakshanda Khan feels it’s no point repeating oneself and playing same characters on different platforms

Actor Rakshanda Khan feels it’s no point repeating oneself and playing same characters on different platforms.

“I prefer doing characters that are different from my previous ones as I don’t want to repeat myself in terms of roles. Just because I am getting to work on a different platform, I cannot repeat characters,” says Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin and Naagin 3 actor.

Khan has been known for her looks and fitness. “I take zero credit for anything — be it my skin or looks as its all because of my mother. I have this crazy love for food and I could have been a food taster if not an actor (laughs). My husband (actor Sachin Tyagi) is a yoga fanatic but his fitness fad has not rubbed on me even a bit but yes I have picked up his fondness for yoga.”

The Kasamh Se actor of late has been seen playing strong characters.

“I am real jhalla person and love being me so when I get these heavy-weight characters to portray I don’t know how I am able to pull them. I think it’s due to the hard work put in by the creative teams. Also, playing negative is something that I enjoy the most because such roles bring along unlimited scope to perform for actors always. Doing grey characters pushes you to the brim to perform and challenges you to add on whatever more you want to,” she adds.

After a couple of months break, Khan is currently seen playing a royal descendant in a TV daily. “When you have six years old to look after then your time is not only yours. All my time goes out for my daughter and I am enjoying the phase,” she adds.

“Since Enaya was born one thing that I have done consciously is to give her most of my time. I resumed work only when she was 19 months or so. Also, I take a break after each project as these are her formative years and I want to be with her. I took up the show Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na after wrapping previous one last year. These are the years that will not come back in my life and so work can wait,” she signs off.

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