Adarsh Gourav: Validation is important but it is temporary and a distraction

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The actor, who rose to fame with his commendable performance in The White Tiger, calls 2021 “unexpected, overwhelming” as he got recognition from many quarters including a BAFTA nomination.

“2021 has been very unexpected and very overwhelming year,” says actor Adarsh Gourav, who saw a career high this year. The actor, who rose to fame with his commendable performance in OTT releases The White Tiger (TWT), got recognition from many quarters including a Best Actor BAFTA nomination.

Talking about how life has changed, he says, “Professionally, I am getting offers or narrations for diverse characters, which wasn’t the case earlier. Now the spectrum has become wider which I am thankful for. Personally, now I can afford better things (laughs). With the all the love coming my way, it feels good. My focus and my endeavour is to do better and exciting stuff. What is the next role that I want to do or the piece of writing that I get excited by or the director who I find unique and want to collaborate with or reach out to. Sure, validation is important but it is a temporary feeling and the shorter the feeling, the better as it is a distraction.”

The next year will see the actor star in a web series with Hollywood actor Meryl Streep, which excited not only him but many of his peers too. But much to his chagrin, it isn’t quite the collaboration one thought. Gourav reveals “I didn’t get to co act with her nor did I meet her. There are eight episodes and each one has different actor. Meryl Streep is part of one of the episodes. I am happy that on screen our names will be together and we are part of one project. Trailer mein saath mein honge. It is directed by the Delhi Crime director Ritchie Mehta, who is a fantastic and unique and such a pleasure to work with. There is never any stress while shooting with him.”

He is also looking forward to Zoya Akhtar’s production, as not often do I “get a chance to play urban characters”. “Before TWT, I would get roles of people from smaller towns, with the exception of Mom (2017) where I played a spoilt Delhi brat, but now post TWT, a new space has opened up for me. I am not taking any pressure. I look for people who are unique or a story that is unique. I get attracted to that and want to collaborate. I am excited about what the future holds for Indian cinema in general. I hope we keep pushing our boundaries and don’t feel afraid to take risks.”

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