Aaradhya Bachchan’s cute walk at airport wins hearts, see how mom Aishwarya Rai interrupted her

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Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan returned to Mumbai from the Maldives last week with daughter Aaradhya after celebrating her 10th birthday. Aaradhya is always spotted being accompanied by her mother, usually holding her hand. Now, a video has emerged online from the Mumbai airport and shows the playful side of the youngest Bachchan. 

Now a video of Aaradhya walking along with her parents at the Mumbai airport has surfaced online. It shows her walking playfully and even being interrupted by Aishwarya who nudges her to walk normally.


On the video, a few trolls commented, “What’s wrong with her walk?” Soon, several users took to social media asked others to not be judgemental towards the little one. 

An Instagram user said, “I think she do it for fun” Another answered the troll, saying, “Nothing… she is a child and trying to be funny.” 

Many took upon themselves to shut the trolls. An Instagram user said, “Have some courtesy guys she is 10! Humare gharo main bhi bache hai jo kuch na kuch harkat karte hai (We all have kids at home who keep doing something or the other) So what’s a big deal about this walk? Bacchi hai kuch bhi maan main aayenga kar dete. (She is a kid, they do whatever they feel like). Spare kids and stop being judgmental everywhere.”

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One more fan said, “Oh my god I 100 percent agree, now a days it’s getting easier for people to judge and spread hatred towards anything and everything by heading a fake profile. Bhai judgement dene ke liye first aa jate haii (They are the first to pass judgement).”


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