126 Tiger Deaths Recorded In India 2021: NTCA

126 Tiger Deaths Recorded In India 2021: NTCA

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The National Tiger Conservation Authority recorded 126 tiger deaths this year, the highest since it began collecting the data for the same a decade ago.

The NCTA on Thursday said that it is looking into the cause of the most recent death that took place in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The tiger was found dead in Chhindwara of Madhya Pradesh on Wednesday, taking this year’s toll in the state to 44 deaths.

An official from the NCTA said that there can be numerous causes for deaths as the population of tigers is huge and a standard operating procedure (SoP) is followed to ascertain the reasons. Tiger deaths are under scrutiny of the state as well as the NCTA.

“Ongoing process to protect tigers like patrolling is going on, and a lot of people have been arrested for poaching too. We are doing everything to protect the tigers, but we should also understand that nearly 30 percent of them are outside tiger reserves,” the official said in his statement.

Madhya Pradesh at maximum tiger deaths is followed by 26 in Maharashtra and 14 in Karnataka.

Tigers are now globally listed as “endangered” on the International Union for the conversion of Nature (IUCN) Red list of threatened species.


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