Amazon quiz 1 march

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Amazon Quiz

Amazon Today’s Quiz Answers [1st March 2021, 24 hours starts from 12AM]:

Q1- Sri Rakab Ganj Sahib, That Featured On The Punjab Tableau At The 2021 Republic Day Parade, Was The Site Of The Cremation For Which Guru?
Ans: Guru Tegh Bahadur

Q2- Which Country Got Badly Affected By The Storm Filomena, Which Unleashed The Heaviest Snowfall On The Iberian Peninsula In 50 Years?
Ans: Spain

Q3- Recently Released Book ‘Gazing Eastwards’ Is A Lively And Arresting Account Of Which Historian’s First Visit To China In 1957?
Ans: Romila Thapar

Q4- Prior To Changing In 1894, What Type Of Ball Was Used To Play This Sport?
Ans: A Soccer Ball

Q5- Louis And Lola Were What Kind Of Animals Owned By This Famous American Singer?
Ans: Llama

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